Imran Khan’s official portrait causes social media stir in Pakistan

Dubai: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had his official portrait taken two days ago and since then, it has been causing a stir on social media.

Irfan Ahson, one of the most prominent photographers in Pakistan, was hired to take the shot. After the photo shoot was done, Ahson posted one of the pictures on his Facebook page with the caption: “Totally honoured to be the official photographer for his portraits that will be used all over the world for embassies and government buildings and official use!”

According to Ahson’s post, Khan only allowed him 25 seconds to get the perfect shot. But, the minute the picture went up, the conversation began on social media.

Many social media users had a lot of praise for Ahson’s work.

Arshia Butt posted on Facebook: “Your best one so far, Masha Allah.”

Naz Ali posted: “I loved it! Amazing picture, of course he is our prime minister, but great work done by you.”

However, there was a lot of criticism, too, with many social media users questioning why one of the most expensive photographers had been selected to take the official portrait. Some even questioned Khan’s austerity measures.

Sobia Talpur posted on Facebook: “Aur yeh sadgi hai (And this is simplicity)? By the way, how much are you charging him?”

Asim Kamal Khan posted: “Now who is going to book you after you charge 3.5 million rupees for this shoot?”

Tweep @palh890 posted: “So how have you charged for Imran Khan’s official photo? Clarify it and close this discussion.”

Ahson had a response ready for all those questioning the amount he charged for the picture.

On his twitter account, @AhsonIrfan, he posted: “This is hilarious! I did pro bono (free) as my very tiny little input for the Naya Pakistan he envisions! And may he succeed Insha Allah. And yes as my senior from Aitchison [College] he deserved special discount. Haters will hate!”

In response to his clarification, tweep @Salman_Qadeer wrote: “Thank you for your service. This click of our honourable PM @ImranKhanPTI is awesome.”

@Qudsia_Kamran tweeted: “Thanks for the insight. This is called propaganda, our society at its lowest.”

After Ahson’s tweet, the conversation about the cost of the photo shoot was over. But, social media users then started finding other faults in the image. Some were unhappy with the framing and editing of the shot.

Faisal S. Shaikh posted on Facebook: “Good try. However the Pakistan flag on the left is not completely in the picture. PM could be sitting in the middle of the chair and the chair could be in the middle of the flags. First and last points could have been done before the PM’s arrival.”

Ahmad Saad Seddiqi posted in Urdu: “Should have at least taken one picture where the Pakistan flag was completely visible.”

Rbeea Sufyan wrote on Facebook: “Okay I’ll be honest, the picture is amazing, the person is amazing, but the editing is too fake. His eyes look cartoonish. I’m honest in my opinion.”

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