Imran Khan’s wife trolled over Umrah outfit

Dubai: Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan has been in the news for several reasons lately, but social media users, mostly in Pakistan, have turned their attention to his wife today.

A picture of Khan and his wife, Bushra Maneka, which was taken after they completed Umrah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, has gone viral. Internet trolls started posting comments, highlighting her outfit.

The spiritual leader is seen wearing a white garb that resembles a burqa, and is completely covering her body and face. It is unlike any of the traditional forms of covering worn by Muslim women from the Sub-continent. The photo has been shared multiple times on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

Asim Yousufzai, @asimusafzai, a faculty member from the US-based University of Maryland, shared the photograph on Twitter with the caption: “That looks like someone in a coffin or a #KKK member. Congrats to @ImranKhanPTI for performing #Umra with an alien.”

Tweep @omarali50 posted: “That is an unusual hijab style. Is that common in Pakistan now? I have never seen it before.”

@Rimmel_Mohydin tweeted: “Are we sure that’s her? #PlotTwist”

@zeeshan_shah_dc added: “So do the PTI trolls, burgers, pastries, and cream puffs like their new “national” bhabhi, oops I mean pirnee, oops I mean ninja!”

Fayeza Batool posted on her Facebook account: “Is it just me or Bushra Maneka (Imran Khan’s wife) actually gives out vibes of Melisandre — the red priestess from Game of Thrones?”

While there were many who continued to poke fun at her outfit, there were others who spoke up in support of Maneka and asked people to allow her to let her exercise her choice to wear what she wants.

Tweep @SalihaWahaj was one of them and posted: “Shame on all those who’re making fun of Bushra Maneka’s hijaab. First you criticise women for being a lollipop for not covering and now call her a coffin for covering herself up.”

@Mohsin_Z7 tweeted: “Why does it affect you how she dresses?”

@dr_rita39: “Never insult the attire chosen by a woman no matter what your prejudices. Notably you wouldn’t attack someone wearing a short miniskirt or bikini. Don’t insult this lady either.”

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi, an activist based in Islamabad also joined the conversation on his official twitter account.

@Ali_Abbas_Zaidi tweeted: “Really sad to see otherwise well-meaning liberals and progressives making fun of Bibi Bushra’s (Imran Khan’s wife) burqa/attire. It is totally her choice what to wear and when/how to wear it.”

@FarahnazZahidi added: “Thank you for saying this! But those who make fun of a woman exercising her choice to wear #hijab or a veil, are they really liberals and progressives? I don’t think so. #IK #BushraManeka #women #choices”

Shermean Malik wrote on Facebook: “We are such a shameful nation, that feels no remorse in intruding in others’ private lives. In fact we thrive in this because our thinking hasn’t gone far beyond the ‘phapa kutni’ [gossipmongers] mentality. We feel it’s our right to look and comment on wives, daughters, sisters as we have nothing better to discuss. Probably our education system has been overtaken by dramas …, that we aren’t capable of having a healthy discussion other than thriving on cheap comments and outdoing each other in promoting such disgusting remarks.”

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