Indian farmers go viral with #KikiChallenge video

Dubai: Two Indian farmers just won the internet for their Kiki challenge with a twist. They are not jumping out of a car to dance on the road.

In a 40-second video that went viral across the world, Anil Geela and Pilli Tirupati were seen grooving in a muddy field next to a pair of bullocks, as the cattle dragged a plough.

The two are farmers in the Lambadipalli village in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Their fame soared this past weekend after Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, posted their video on his social media accounts, saying, “I think they just won the Keke challenge.”

People took to social media to appreciate the uniqueness of their attempt, and also commended them for participating in the internet craze in a safe manner.

Interestingly, Geela is also a YouTube vlogger. His YouTube channel that he runs with his friend Srikanth is called My Village Show has nearly 500,000 subscribers. The viral video was first posted on their Instagram page with the same name as their YouTube channel. Their followers have grown ever since others started reposting the challenge video.

The channel throws light on life in the Lambadipalli village, from discussing the various issues villagers face to the election procedures of village heads. They also post light-hearted videos like movie spoofs and a segment called “Villagers React To”.

Followers wrote messages congratulating the team for their newfound internet fame.

Instagrammer @karthi0888 posted: “They took kiki challenge to a whole new level.”

And, @sudheer.achiever.1989 wrote on Instagram: “Congrats team.. you got nation wide, sorry world wide appreciation for your thought and execution. Telangana pride.”

While many others also praised the execution of the video, it was not as easy as it looked. The Indian news outlet, The News Minute quoted Geela as saying: “We could have easily slipped and fallen. So we planned it and attempted it a few times, before shooting that video in one take.”

The #InMyFeelings challenge (or Kiki challenge) that was originally kicked off by comedian @theshiggyshow on his Instagram account, soon became a viral trend.

Traffic authorities in many parts of the world have warned against the dangers of participating in the challenge in which youngsters are seen jumping out of moving cars to dance in the middle of the road.

Geela and Srikanth decided to do the challenge safely. According to a report on The News Minute, Geela said: “… we wanted to show people that it was something fun at the end of the day and need not be done in a dangerous way.”

It’s illegal to do the #KikiChallenge on the UAE roads. The online video challenge can lead to Dh2,000 fine and 23 black points in the country.

Last month, the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution ordered the arrest and prosecution of three social media personalities for endangering their lives and lives of other road users as they performed ‘Kiki dance’ on the road.

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