Indian girl, 12, in record attempt to sing in 102 languages

Suchetha Satish was expected to set a record in most languages sung during one concert late night on Thursday

Dubai: Music has no boundaries. A 12-year-old Indian girl in Dubai attempted to prove the old adage by setting a world record in singing in most languages during one concert on Thursday.

Suchetha Satish, a grade seven student from The Indian High School in Dubai, began her attempt to sing one song each in 102 languages in a concert titled Music Beyond Boundaries, at the Indian Consulate in Dubai.

Dr Kesiraju Srinivas, a.k.a Ghazal Srinivas, holds the current Guinness World Record for singing in 76 languages at Gandhi Hills, Andhra Pradesh, India from June 2-3 in 2008.

Ahead of her concert, a jubilant Suchetha told Gulf News she was confident she would set the new record, which is expected to be certified by the US-based World Records Academy.

“I have done rehearsals many times. I am fine…I am confident,” said the child prodigy, who made headlines across India after her ability to sing in 80 languages was first reported by Gulf News in November.


In two months, she has learned songs in 30 more languages.

However, the record attempt will target scoring a century and then dedicating two songs — in Hindi and Arabic— to India and the UAE, she said.

She began the live concert by singing a prayer song in Maithili, an Indo-Aryan language spoken in some parts of the Indian state of Bihar and Nepal.

The songs in other languages were chosen in alphabetic order.

The concert began around 4pm after lighting of the traditional lamp by Neeraj Agrawal, head of Chancery and consul (Press, Information, Culture, and Protocol), Sumathi Vasudev, consul (Labour) at the Indian Consulate and Girish Pant, president of Indian People’s Forum, which is supporting the event. She was singing until the filing of the report and was supposed to make the record last night

In a tweet later, retweeted by the mission on Thursday, The Indian High School wished Suchetha the very best in her endeavour.

Her father, dermatologist Dr T.C. Satish, who works with Axon Medica, and mother, Sumitha, said they were happy with their child’s ability.

“We are enjoying this happy occasion. We are just the conduits to help her showcase her talent,” said Dr Satish.

The concert, expected to last for six-and-a-half hours, was going on at the time of going to press.



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