Indian minister Sushma Swaraj praised for helping woman

Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj .

Sushma Swaraj does it again. India’s External Affairs Minister was praised on social media for helping an Indian mother get a police clearance certificate (PCC) in Canada, in less than two hours, after a twitter exchange.

Swaraj’s quick action received praise from social media. @Vidyaraj51 said: “It’s nice to see a minister [being] people friendly and always ready to help!”

@pooja27246254 said: “At least we have one decent and working central minister…never see a minister work so actively. We are proud of you Madame.”

According to a report by Indian newspaper, The Hindu, @PoonamCH5 asked Swaraj, the Indian Consulate in Vancouver and the Regional Passport Office (RPO) Delhi on Twitter to look into the matter of her police clearance certificate (PCC). Her daughter’s visa was expiring and she had to bring her to Canada from India. More than three months had passed but she had not received an answer.

The RPO Delhi told her that the document was being processed. However, when asked again, they tweeted: “status quo”.

Swaraj sternly replied to the @rpodelhi on twitter and said: “Status quo is not the answer. We must end this status quo. Please do the needful and help her.”

This got the process moving and in a few hours, the RPO tweeted: “Clearance has been sent to CGI Vancouver.”

While people were happy that an Indian minister was invested in helping people, others discussed the problems with the “system” and why processes like these always take time. Many tweeps said that this request would have remained incomplete had a minister not stepped in to help.

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