Innovative applications save AED210 million for NPCC

ABU DHABI, 10th March, 2018 (WAM) — The National Petroleum Construction Company, NPCC, part of Senaat Abu Dhabi, announced that innovative applications have saved the company AED210 million.

The company organised an Innovation Award ceremony at Park Rotana Hotel, which was attended by NPCC’s clients from ADNOC and ARAMCO, shareholders of Senaat and NPCC employees.

The ceremony was organised to recognise and reward employees for successfully implementing innovative projects and submitting innovative suggestions. Some of the awarded innovative projects, called “Accomplished Innovations,” are exclusive to NPCC, and have never been executed by any other organisation in the world. These have saved NPCC over AED200 million and helped it become more efficient, productive, and cost-effective.

One of the “Accomplished Innovation” projects has helped bring manufacturing expertise to the UAE. The project team designed a cable stabilisation solution and worked with the vendor to set up a manufacturing facility in the UAE, creating in-country value. This innovative solution was designed by NPCC and made in the UAE.

Another example and the winner of the top award is the Remote Survey Vessel, RSV, which saw the creation of a Technology IP, a patent owned by NPCC, and the invention of a completely new product. This solution, which has never been used elsewhere in the world, is currently used by NPCC in its operations.

NPCC launched the innovation initiative in October 2017 and in a short span of time it received over 90 suggestions and more than 40 examples of successfully implemented innovative projects, called “Accomplished Innovations” in the areas of process, procedures, standards, growth, diversification, efficiency, people, construction and installation. During the award ceremony, the top 10 Accomplished Innovations and 37 innovative ideas were recognised and awarded The CEO of NPCC, Ahmed Al Dhaheri, said “Thanks to our wise leadership, who have made innovation an important part of UAE 2021 Vision. It will encourage Emiratis to innovate and create value. Innovation is important for any organisation as it encourages people to challenge the status quo and create value by finding new ways of working.

“I strongly believe that innovation starts from a personal drive to challenge the status quo or from a desire to make things better. We must bring innovation into every aspect of our business, on every level, at every possible opportunity, and involve all employees. It is everyone’s responsibility to drive this culture and mindset.”

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