Innovative, more efficient and cost-effective radiator project to see light soon

Sat 17-02-2018 22:19 PM

SHARJAH, 17th February, 2018 (WAM) — The University of Sharjah, UoS, is participating in the UAE Innovation Month in Sharjah with various projects, ideas and initiatives, mainly for students, some of which will be displayed at the Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences between 15th and 21st February.

Universities in general and the UoS, in particular, play a key role in planting passion for work and innovation in students.

In this connection, a radiator project was presented by Amal Mohammed Al Qaydi, and her colleagues, Dhuha Ziad and Dumi Salem, from the UoS.

The project was the subject of their graduation and needed around a year to see light. Work on the project started as an idea last March and is now one of the UoS’ innovative projects during the UAE Innovation Month in Sharjah.

Al Qaydi explained that the idea focussed on the importance of using nanoparticles in the radiator to increase the efficiency of the engine and cause it to cool fast while reducing the fuel used. This innovative idea will also help reduce the size of the engine in future and can be used in electric cars.

She pointed out that they faced some difficulties in the beginning but were able to overcome them, adding that one of these difficulties was related to the fluids in the radiator, where some materials were added to improve solubility.

Al Qaydi said she felt very happy that the project was a success but was happier to be able to present the project during the UAE Innovation Week, particularly as this was her first participation in this significant activity that supports and encourages innovation.

“It was a beautiful and successful experience, which we hope will see the light soon,” she said.

WAM/Hassan Bashir

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