Insurance decides whether private car can be driven by UAE tourists

My UAE driving licence expired last year when I was out of the country. Now that I am coming back on visit visa, is it possible to request a temporary licence so I will be able to drive a private car instead of a rented car? BN, The Philippines

Only someone who has a residency visa may apply for a new or replacement driving licence in the UAE. Until such time as BN has this, she will be restricted to driving a hired car, unless she has specific permission from the insurance company of a private vehicle. The RTA appears to have relaxed the rules a little regarding driving private vehicles, but the final decision rests with the insurance company. While only a resident can insure a vehicle in the UAE, as proof residency is required, I have heard of cases where visitors have been permitted to drive a resident’s car. In this case it is essential to get the approval in writing in case of dispute.

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