Interactive digital signage to revolutionise UAE’s healthcare sector

 International Expo Consults (IEC) stated thatignage is now gaining prominence in UAE’s healthcare sector. Hospitals and clinics are now discovering the need for digital signage in their day-to-day operations for reasons such as reducing waiting time, emergency alerts, educating and getting directions.

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The waiting time for various establishments around the globe as per reports, has reduced by 35 percent due to the introduction of digital signage. Around 63 percent of people admit that digital signage is effective in catching their attention while 84 percent of the people agree that digital signage plays a huge role in promoting awareness.

Abdul Rahman Falaknaz - Chairman, International Expo Consults

“Today, digital signage is not merely a mode for advertising but has also become a part of sharing information and educating the masses. The communication between institutions and visitors would be more effective and efficient through the introduction of this technology to various institutions like hospitals, retail establishments and schools,” says               Mr. Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Chairman of IEC.

Digital signage also promotes efficiency, as this type of technology is cost-effective and saves time, while promoting interaction with its users.

“Today, healthcare institutions receive hundreds of patients a day. Waiting time in the hospitals could be made more productive through spreading awareness about certain illnesses and giving health tips,” adds Falaknaz.

In addition to making the waiting time more productive, digital signage also helps patients find their way around the hospital.

Dr. Haider Al Zubaidy - Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Specialist Hospital

Dr. Haider Al Zubaidy, Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Specialist Hospital, said: “Patients and visitors don’t need to ask their way around the hospital if it is equipped with interactive and informative digital signage with rich content. It also sorts the problem of waiting in hospitals by informing patients about the approximate waiting time and thereby patients could approach the specialist accordingly.”

Apart from the above factors, Dr. Zubaidy also said that children accompanying adults are often restless and tensed in a medical environment. A digital signage with facts and pictures would definitely divert their attention. Digital signage can help soothe the nerves of anxious patients who come for various treatments by showing them what to expect while undergoing the treatment.

“Additionally, digital signage increases the efficiency of staff by providing them with real-time updates on availability of rooms and beds, equipment usage, emergency alerts and staff location rather than relying on various sources for the information,” added Dr. Zubaidy.

The SGI Dubai 2016 is the largest and prominent trade event for digital and conventional signage. It will be held on 10th, 11th and 12th of January 2016 which will showcase the products and services of various traders across the Middle East. Visitors can consult and interact with architects, sign makers, production manufacturers, media agencies, real estate developers, and brand and image consultants among others.

“I believe that the upcoming SGI show provides the ideal platform for the institutions in the healthcare sector to analyse and procure the digital signage as per their requirements,” concluded Falaknaz.

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