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Introducing the ILM Approved, Sustainability and CSR Masterclass exclusively for the MICE Industry April 28th, Dubai

Sustainability Knowledge Group and BPA Worldwide have joined forces to introduce in Dubai the Sustainability and CSR Masterclass training for the MICE Industry!

The Sustainability and CSR Masterclass for the MICE Industry gives professionals the confidence they need to discuss CSR and Sustainability topics, as it is especially developed for professionals starting their journey in Sustainability and CSR. In this day long sustainability session, members of the MICE industry will learn the importance of sustainability, gain an understanding of the main areas of focus for the industry, and learn tools for implementation within their organization. Utilizing frameworks outlined by management systems such as ISO 20121 and ASTM/APEX, can assist the MICE Industry organizations to better identify and manage sustainability issues and objectives, while also engaging their stakeholders.

Modules include: Introduction to Sustainability and CSR, Trends in Sustainability and CSR, Legislation, Stakeholder Management, Overview of Industry Reporting Standards (UNGC, GRI, ISO 20121, ASTM/APEM) Strategy Implementation and Metrics Tracking for Event Operations, Communicating Sustainability


  • Gain confidence in discussing CSR and Sustainability topics
  • Learn strategies that create operational efficiencies and cost savings
  • Engage planners and suppliers in your organization’s goals and objectives
  • Learn how to identify Sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Understand the foundations of Sustainability strategy
  • Learn how to integrate CSR into corporate strategy
  • Learn how to disclose performance through Sustainability reporting
  • Comprehend communication methodologies
  • Maximise impacts from Sustainability Initiatives
  • Practical application of CSR Concepts

Global ILM Recognition

Following your successful completion, you receive the “Sustainability and CSR Masterclass” Certificate which is endorsed by the leading UK Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) verifying your knowledge and successful completion. Additional guidance is provided for the successful completion of your post course assignment. Sustainability Knowledge Group is an ILM Recognised Provider.

For more information and to register please visit:

Sustainability and CSR Masterclass for the MICE Industry: 28 April 2016, Dubai:

Sustainability and CSR Masterclass, 12 April 2016, Dubai:

Contact person, Ms Aglaia Ntili:



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