Israel clears itself in Gaza 2014 war incident

Regime says there was no wrongdoing despite deaths of 110 Palestinians in incident

Occupied Jerusalem – The Israeli occupation military says its investigation into one of the bloodiest incidents of the 2014 Gaza war shows Israeli regime forces committed no wrongdoing and that there are no grounds for any criminal action against the troops.

In the incident, fighting broke out after an Israeli officer was feared abducted by Palestinian fighters during a cease-fire. Israel says more than 40 Gaza gunmen died in the barrage and about 70 civilians “were unintentionally killed” in strikes on militants.

The occupation military said on Wednesday that following a “thorough” examination “a criminal investigation is not warranted.”

Despite a high civilian death toll, the regime says occupation troops operated under proper military procedure. There was no immediate comment from Hamas.

Rights groups have in the past accused the Israeli occupation army of whitewashing investigations.

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