Joyalukkas Group to build 250 houses for Kerala flood victims

Joy Alukkas. from Sajila

Dubai: The UAE-headquartered Joyalukkas Group has announced that it will build 250 houses for those who have lost their homes in the floods that ravaged the South Indian state of Kerala last month.

A sum of Rs150 million (Dh7.6 million) has been set aside to realise this objective, the group said in a press release issued on Sunday.

“This project is supported by all the employees of Joyalukkas Group, as well as a large number of well-wishers,” it said.

Joy Alukkas, the group’s chairman, as well as Jolly Joy, director of the Joyalukkas Foundation, have stated that the foundation based in Kerala’s Thrissur district will see that houses costing Rs600,000 each will be constructed.

“Our dream is to build houses that will bring joy to the hearts of those who own them,” they said.

The foundation has also expressed its willingness to spend another Rs50 million, depending on the final cost of the project.

Each house in the project will have a total area of 600 sqft with two bedrooms, a living-cum-dining room, a kitchen, and veranda.

Alukkas also said that the houses will be built according to environmentally friendly specifications, only after proper consultation with expert architects.

The purpose of this mega project by the Joyalukkas group is to support the state government’s initiative to rebuild Kerala, helping affected people get back on their feet after the great destruction caused by the flood, the company said.

The project has been submitted to the state’s chief minister and would be carried out with the help of self-governing bodies in each location.

Those who have lost their homes in the floods and landslides may submit their applications in person, at a Joyalukkas Group sales outlet nearest to them. Families of Keralite expats whose houses are affected can also give in their applications through the group’s outlets in their hometowns, the group said.

The applications will be carefully studied by a committee constituted by the Joyalukkas Foundation, in consultation with local self-governing bodies.

A list of deserving candidates would be drawn up and construction will start as soon as all governmental formalities are met, so that the houses can be quickly completed and handed over to their owners, the release said.

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