We are delighted to announce the opening of our new flagship store at Dubai Festival City, Dubai.

Created from pure Italian leather, Made in Italy, Kaizer offers a wide range of products crafted to perfection. The brand’s luxury range includes a classic collection, fashion items, business accessories, travel luggage, leather wallets and cardholders, belts and cufflinks, writing instruments and corporate gift packs.

Kaizer provides a wide variety of items for sale in store. “We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and creativity. If you are looking for an exclusive hand-crafted item that will really make a statement, then Kaizer is the brand for you.

At Kaizer, quality is paramount. This, coupled with its unique designs, makes the niche brand of Kaizer stand out among the luxury brand segment. Made from Tuscan leather and Italian accessories, Kaizer uses upcoming designers to create its fresh, bold and distinctive look; guaranteeing you a leather accessory that truly looks like ‘one of a kind’.

We offer a fresh perspective on a traditional craft where modernity respects a bygone era.

The Kaizer team is passionate about leather and delves deep into understanding of the skins, the treatments and the best modern finishes that can be given to your Kaizer designer handbags without comprising its natural aesthetics.

Come. Visit the newly opened Kaizer store at Dubai Festival City to see works of art, each one making a bold statement to make you stand out from the crowd.

Kaizer. Untrend.


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