Kerala farmer in the UAE gets into Guinness Book of World Records

On World Environment Day, Sharjah-based farmer Sudheesh Guruvayoor made history with a Guinness World Record title. He accomplished the feat of distributing the largest number of saplings ever distributed in the world, with 5000 curry leaf plant saplings. The saplings were distributed among the students of Sharjah Indian School on Tuesday morning.

The official Guinness World Record attempt on Tuesday was also organised to coincide with the Year of Zayed observation in the country. In a Facebook post about his title, he writes, “My life’s dream has come true with what happened. The fact this record coincides with the Year of Zayed as well as World Environment Day makes it even sweeter.”  

Sudheesh Guruvayoor

Guruvayoor hails from the south-Indian state of Kerala and is an electrical engineer turned agricultural enthusiast living in Sharjah since 1997. 

Guruvayoor is no newbie to records and awards, all of it in growing plants in the usually unforgiving desert soil with innovative ideas and hard work. In 2012, he entered the Limca Book of Records by growing the longest okra (41.91cm/16.5 inches) right in his backyard in Sharjah. He also has a Limca record for owning the ‘smallest okra plant (3.81cm) with pods three times longer than the plant’.

Sudheesh Guruvayoor

He also has successfully created a paddy and wheat field behind his home in Sharjah. Guruvayoor’s rice cultivation attempt in 2014 was supported by his then employer, Sharjah Electrical and Water Authority. In 2016, he opened up his paddy field to students from three Indian schools in the country to experience their first rice harvest festival in true Kerala style. He also grows various vegetables for his family’s consumption in the same area. 

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