Kerala police crack case of woman’s body in drum

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala’s state police has cracked the case of an anonymous body found cemented in a plastic drum recovered from a lake.

The murder was committed in September 2016, and the incident came to light this January when the body of a housewife from Udayamperoor, identified as Shankuntala, was found in a drum that was recovered from a lake nearby.

The body was found in a plastic drum, with a good part of the drum being cemented, apparently to keep it submerged in water on the outskirts of Kochi. The drum was found during dredging operations and it was dragged ashore and left unattended. However, when a stench began spreading a few days later, the contents of the drum drew public attention.

It was then that police intervened and cut open the drum filled with cement, which revealed the bones of a woman.

Police now believe that Shakunthala was killed by one Sajith, a native of nearby Tripunithura, who was close to the deceased’s daughter. They believe Sajith may have murdered Shakunthala because she was opposed to his affair with her daughter.

Shortly after the discovery of the drum, Sajith had committed suicide. Police suspect he may have taken his life because he feared that an investigation would target him. They also do not rule out the possibility of foul play in Sajith’s death.

Local media reported that police have also identified some friends of Sajith who helped him dispose of the drum with the body inside. Shakunthala’s body was identified through a DNA test.

The cracking of the case has brought wide appreciation for Kerala police on social media, with some saying this is an example of investigative excellence, and others stating that the state police are competent when there is no political interference.

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