Kerala woman saves man who fell from third floor

44-year-old Saji K. Anto, a Kochi resident, had been ignored by passers-by after his tumble

Thiruvananthapuram: Only days after Indian prime minister Narendra Modi said a girl is equal to ten boys, a woman in Kerala’s commercial capital, Kochi, demonstrated how a woman could be more than equal to dozens of men who are unwilling to lend a helping hand.

For several minutes after 44-year-old Saji K. Anto, a resident of a lodge in Kochi fell off the third floor of the lodge building, he lay crushed and bleeding, with no one making a move to help him.

The incident happened on Saturday in the heart of Kochi, which was bustling with activity. However, when Anto came crashing down, the bystanders stayed away instead of helping him get to a hospital.

That was when an advocate, identified as Ranjini, and her school-going daughter, Vishnupriya, passed that way, on their way to catch a metro ride to attend a wedding. Seeing the man in a grievous condition, Ranjini sought help from those around.

“There were many youngsters around, but no one would come initially. I rang up a local hospital and they said they would provide emergency treatment if only I could take him there. That was because the hospital’s ambulance was not available at that time,” Ranjini said.

She then hailed an auto-rickshaw and got some people to try and take him there, but it was not possible. She then pleaded with a couple passing by in a car. The couple obliged, and Anto was first rushed to a local hospital and later to the Kottayam Medical College, where he is recovering from his injuries.

The episode came to light only after camera visuals of the incident went viral. It also triggered a wave of appreciation for Ranjini on social media.

On Tuesday, even the state assembly placed on record its appreciation for the lawyer. Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said her intervention was “commendable”.

“Well done, sister. Your act proves humanity still exists,” wrote one person on social media, while another added apologetically, “You deserve a big salute, sister, but sorry to say we Keralites are self-centred people”.

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