Khalfan warns not to leave children unattended

In extreme examples, unsupervised children can be influenced by companions to pick up bad behaviour

Dubai: Parents who leave children unattended at home and are not familiar with their friends may be inviting serious troubles, warned Dubai Police officials.

Worst-case scenarios may lead to drug addiction and involve criminal activities, said Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police and General Security in Dubai and chairman of Juveniles Awareness and Care Association.

Lt-Gen Khalfan suggested strangers can exert undue influences on the unsuspecting minds of children and encourage them to breach the law or become a drug addict if they are left unattended at home.

“Some parents neglect their children and not following them can lead to having bad company with strangers. Some parents leave their children with strange friends inside their homes. They can involve in criminal activities or drug addiction,” Lt Gen Khalfan said.

The warning came during the annual ceremony of the Juveniles Awareness and Care Association at Dubai Police Officers Club.

“Parents must teach their children to say no to any strange thing presented by friends like pills. Parents must know where the children go and with whom and talk to them about the danger of smoking and making friends with bad people,” Lt-Gen Khalfan added.

On a separate note, there are people who are looking out for the safety of young children. he said.

A shining example, came when the Juvenile Awareness and Care Association announced the names of three Emirati families who won Saeed Lootah Child Welfare Award.

The families of Saeed Khalifa Yousef Al Zaabi, Ebtisam Mohammad Yousef Al Ali, and Amna Saif Salem Al Dahamni won the award.

Lt Gen Khalfan said that many Emirati families participated in the award and the winners exercised exemplary standards to get it.

“The standards of the award include cooperation between family members, developing skills of the children, educate the children about national identity and religion and family values, health care and the ability to serve the society and face the challenges.”

Dr Mohammad Murad Abdullah, Secretary General of the Juvenile Care and Awareness Association, said the families played a major role in the voluntary activities and reflected the values and spirit of the Emirati traditions.

“The families work together in their homes as they don’t have domestic workers and they develop their children’s personal skills,” Dr Abdullah said.

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