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Kleptika and Contextor announce a Strategic Partnership to deliver Next Generation RPA and RDA solutions to Middle-East organizations.

Kleptika, a leading Dubai-based company that delivers innovative and agile Customer Experience solutions, has signed a VAR partnership with Contextor, the European next Best of breed Robotic Process Automation Solution and Robotic Desktop Automation.

“The aim between Kleptika’s and Contextor’s partnership is to help Middle East businesses expedite core operational processes through automation, ultimately improving the end user experience and strengthening businesses’ bottom lines,” said Thierry Petrens, Managing Partner at Kleptika.

As companies around the region experience mounting pressure to perform and profit in today’s highly competitive business climate, the introduction of RDA brings opportunities to optimize operations, reduce costs, increase flexibility, enhance accuracy and consistency, while allowing front-office and back-office agents to focus on strategic and engaging initiatives.

Contextor is the first of its kind solution in the region that improves quality, speed and delivers better value for customers, hence making them happy.

With a proven track record in various industries, such as banking, insurance, energy, retail, and telecommunications, Contextor enables businesses to execute critical operations more efficiently, more securely and with greater agility.

“The Unique Selling Proposition of Contextor is its ability to adapt to any environment, without accessing applications via APIs. Meaning a rollover in 3 months instead of the endless IT headaches you would typically foresee when implementing RDA solutions. Contextor is a desktop solution that works with virtually any type of application without a single modification! A market leader in Europe, Contextor stands out for its swift deployment and delivers a fast ROI that users love. Contextor is much more than just another software: you can start using it as a one-off troubleshooting solution.” Stated Luc Cavelier, VP export of Contextor.

“There is no question businesses are restricting their opportunity to growth because of the way they are using human talents,” added Thierry Petrens. “They need to get the robot out of the human to drive operational benefit and help our customers compete and win in today’s dynamic business environment.”

Think about all the repetitive tasks that some employees have to do every day and that do not require any creative thinking, such as manually opening various applications, copy-pasting data between them, sending confirmation, etc. This can be achieved in 90% less time. Contextor RDA Solution is programmed to do these tasks, much faster, more accurately and more consistently than humans would.  Look at it as humans working alongside their virtualized automated counterparts.

“By using robots, organizations improve their quality of service and their scalability of production, by being able to handle work peaks and short-term demands without recruiting or training. Contextor is process agnostic, can be implemented rapidly and ensures quick ROI.” Added Luc Cavelier.

In an era where innovation leads disruption, we look forward to seeing more companies across the UAE strengthen their bottom lines with our performance improvement RDA solution, and play a role in making customers, consumers, clients, patients and citizens happy. 



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