Latifa Hospital to hold free clinic during Ramadan

Needy and expectant mothers and those with gynaecological complications may visit clinic on Wednesdays

Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will be running a free voluntary clinic at Latifa Hospital during Ramadan to provide gynaecology treatment for the underprivileged.

The free clinic will be open at the hospital every Wednesday, from 2.30pm to 5pm.

The clinic will stay open after Ramadan as well, until further notice, said Salim Mohammad Bin Lahej, head of the Community and Humanitarian Services Office (Moussadah committee) at DHA.

The free clinic is in its second edition and would be providing diagnosis and treatment services as it did last year, he said. Last year, the clinic saw 176 patients providing them with gynaecology diagnosis and treatment services worth Dh77,000.

“This year, in addition to conducting tests and scans for diagnosis, we will also be providing surgery to those in need — for removing tumours, for example,” said Bin Lahej.

These surgeries usually cost around Dh30,000 and DHA has initially allocated Dh500,000 — with the support of donors — for the full treatment of patients who need gynaecological treatment, he added. Women looking to avail the benefits from the free clinic will have to meet certain criteria. Their cases will be evaluated by a social worker before being referred to the clinic to ensure that those in need the most receive the free treatment.

To contact the social worker for the free clinic, call 042193261 or 042197406 for the Moussadah (assistance) programme at the DHA.

In 2015, the Moussadah committee raised Dh67 million to help 1,640 patients of 43 nationalities with the help of various charities and other organisations in the UAE and in 2016, it raised Dh108 million.

Those interested in volunteering and/or donating may contact representatives of the Moussadah programme at 0097142197474.

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