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Learn More About ILM Programmes In Dubai From Oakwood International

Dubai – When it comes to leadership and management skills, ILM programmes are considered to be the most preferable and globally acceptable training courses. If you are looking for an education and learning in this specific field of management, then Oakwood International is the most reliable institute in the Middle East to pursue an ILM course. They have uploaded detailed descriptions about the various courses offered by them with easy enrolment procedures to help students pursue the trainings of their choice. Visit for more information on the same.

Oakwood International is one of the most trusted organisations in the Middle East for corporate management consultancy and skill enhancement requirements. They offer a variety of training courses in different fields/specializations to help professionals in building better career profiles.

“Every year, ILM recognises the professional development achievements of managers from team leader to board level, as well as managers of small businesses and those responsible for quality, energy, the environment and human resources. Well over half a million managers have improved their own performance and brought real benefits to their employers by taking part in programmes such as these.  ILM membership has been designed to support your studies as well as providing career-long CPD – offering a huge range of research resources, e-books and e-journals, study guides and specialist learning modules. Every ILM qualification is practically-based to ensure learning is transferred directly to the work environment. This delivers maximum and immediate benefit to the individual and the organisation, as there is a clear transfer of the learning with practical goals and action plans.” explains the PR representative of Oakwood International and the manager of the website

Check out the various ILM programmes offered by Oakwood International and get a chance to further your career with a globally accepted leadership development certification course.

For more information on CIPD qualifications or to get details about Oakwood International’s field of work, please visit the website


Oakwood International helps organisations in both the private and public sectors increase their profitability, productivity and sustainability. They design and deliver effective training, coaching and consultancy in Leadership and Management, Human Resources (HR), Learning and Development (L&D), Policies, Procedures and Practice and CIPD Training in Qatar, Dubai and the rest of the Middle East.


Oakwood International Ltd

UAE Centre of Excellence

Address/; Office no. 108

Al Moosa Tower 1, P.O. Box 413037

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE

Telephone: +971 4 359 9020

Fax: +971 435 99080






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