Legal Manager – Kuwait

The legal manager is responsible for overseeing all of the organization’s legal functions. He/she is a legal professional who is capable of providing accurate, relevant advice to the business, management, the business’ clients, and the business’ senior attorneys.

The job responsibilities as follows:

1. Controlling, managing and directing the activities of the Legal Services function;
2. Providing professional and strategic advice to the Management.
3. Acting as an effective member of the Authority’s senior management team.
4. Providing the Authority’s Staff, Management, as applicable, with high quality legal and related advice/analyses, tailored to the Authority’s needs, on matters pertaining to all aspects of the Authority’s statutory remit and related matters;
5. Providing advice to the Authority’s Staff, Management, as applicable, on legal strategy and related matter;
6. Managing and coordinating the Authority’s approach towards litigation/other proceedings to which the Authority is party or potentially party;
7. Leading in the development of Regulations and related material pertaining to the Authority’s statutory functions/powers etc.;
8. Contributing to the preparation of draft legislation as required;
9. Leading in/contributing to, as applicable, the development of other material/publications pertaining to the Authority’s statutory remit as required;
10. Liaising with other parties’ legal advisors/representatives as required;
11. Undertaking legal research as required;
12. Providing support and legal input in the context of the Authority’s membership of the Company Law and Policy as required;
13. Participating in Committees and other for a of relevance as required;
14. Managing sourcing of external legal services;
15. Instructing, and drafting briefing material for, external providers of legal services;
16. Managing the Authority’s relationships with external providers of legal services on an ongoing basis;
17. Providing legal and related advice regarding the actions and measures necessary to secure/facilitate compliance with the aforementioned obligations;
18. Discharging specific responsibilities deriving from law, regulation etc., as assigned from time to time.


Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-05-09
Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Job Role: Legal
Company Industry: Healthcare, other

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Nationality: United Arab Emirates; Bahrain; Djibouti; Algeria; Egypt; Iraq; Jordan; Comoros; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Morocco; Mauritania; Oman; Palestine; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Somalia; Syria; Tunisia; Yemen
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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