Louvre a symbol of peace and harmony, say Muslim scholars

Abu Dhabi

A high-level delegation of dignitaries, scholars and intellectuals participating in the fourth annual forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, visited the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum.

The delegation was headed by Mustafa Ceric, former Grand Mufti of Bosnia and included other intellectuals such as Shaikh Mohammad Mukhtar Ould Imbala, Head of Mauritania’s Fatwa and Grievances Supreme Council, Amar Mirghani Hussein, Sudanese Minister of (religious) Guidance and Endowments and Salho Jay, Imam of the Juma Masjid in South Africa. The three-day forum was held in Abu Dhabi from December 11-13 and witnessed the participation of more than 700 scholars, intellectuals and religious dignitaries from around the world.

The delegation toured the museum’s various sections, especially the Gallery of Universal Religions, which displays works that reflect the communication, cooperation, solidarity and harmony between the different religions.

Shaikh Mohammad Imbala from Maurtainia, cited Surat Ar-Rum, “… Travel through the land and observe how was the end of those before,” and emphasised that the masterpieces are remnants of peoples and nations, and should be a lesson to remind us that we need to endeavour to be remembered for acts of goodness, love, peace and coexistence.

Bosnian Grand Mufti, Ceric, said that these masterpieces embody progress achieved throughout different historical periods and reflect coexistence and harmony between the various races and civilisations. “The museum is a miniature version of the universe’s glorious history,” he said.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum symbolises the epitome of human connection and unity, as its artworks will span the entirety of human existence. It also reflects the values of coexistence and tolerance shared by nations throughout the ages, which are key pillars to the progress and prosperity of nations. Values that were established by His Highness late Shaikh Zayed bin Nahyan, and pursued by the country’s current dynamic leadership,

Towards the end of the visit, the delegation thanked the UAE, which has established itself as a model of peace, coexistence, and harmony, and endeavours to promote world peace.

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