Maid jailed for molesting sponsor’s son

Dubai: A maid lost her appeal and will be jailed for six months for molesting her sponsor’s four-year-old son by putting her finger inside his rectum while changing his diaper and causing him constant pains.

In July, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 33-year-old Filipina maid of molesting the child and breaching his privacy and sentenced her to three months in jail.

The child’s Tunisian mother noticed her son complaining of pains in his rectum before she removed his diaper and left him in his shorts in March 2018.

As his pain persisted, he complained to his mother pointing to his posterior. When the mother undressed her four-year-old son, she saw redness on his posterior and the child told her that the Filipina maid had caused him the pain.

Not taking him seriously, the next day the mother overheard her boy telling his grandmother that the accused pushed her finger into his rectum.

The mother took her boy to be examined by a paediatrician, who disclosed to her that her son had been molested.

The Filipina accused appealed her three months imprisonment before the Appeal Court and sought to be acquitted.

Prosecutors also sought to have her punishment stiffened before the appellate court.

Presiding judge Dr Ahmad Al Mutawa dismissed the Filipina’s appeal and accepted that of prosecutors and lengthened the jail term to six months.

The Filipina who pleaded not guilty will be deported.

The Tunisian mother said the incident happened after she had asked her maid to change the diaper for her son.

“He came to me and complained of pain in his posterior. I removed his diaper and left him with his shorts on to go to sleep. He told me that the pain was still there; when I checked his posterior there was redness at his rectum. When I asked him about the redness, he said the maid caused it to him. I applied some baby cream and put him to bed. Two days later, I went with my mother and son to a spa, where I overheard my boy telling his grandmother that the accused pushed her finger in his anus. I took him to a paediatrician who told me that he had been molested,” she said.

The appellate ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court.

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