Malayali suspect in ‘honour killing’ to lose Dubai job

Dubai: An Indian expat accused in a suspected case of honour killing that shook the state of Kerala this week is likely to lose his job in Dubai, according to his employer.

Saynu Chacko is the prime suspect in the recent case of abduction and murder of a young man two days after he married Saynu’s sister against the wishes of her family.

The 26-year-old electrician with a technical services company in Dubai is under arrest after he went on emergency leave on Saturday and was accused in the crime that also sparked political controversies and public outrage back home.

His employer in Dubai on Thursday said he regretted giving emergency leave for Saynu believing he was honestly concerned about his sister, and would not let him continue working with his firm even if he manages to come back.

“I don’t think he can come back anytime soon,” the man told Gulf News, requesting not to be named.

“His visa is valid till July 2019. If he doesn’t return in six months, his visa would automatically expire. Even if he manages to return, I would be taking him straight for cancellation of his [employment and residency] papers,” He said. Saynu had cried before him saying his sister had run away from home and his father was unwell when he requested for emergency leave.

“I had told him to handle the issue wisely and approach his sister with love, not anger. I can’t believe this is what he did instead.”

The murder was allegedly plotted after Saynu’s sister, Neenu Chacko, 20, left home without the consent of her parents to register her marriage with Kevin Joseph, 23, who was from a lower caste and a low-income family.

A total of 14 people, including Saynu and his father Chacko John, 50, and two policemen who allegedly helped them, have been accused in the kidnap and murder of Kevin.

The local police, who had drawn flak for not acting on a complaint by Neenu after Kevin went missing, are now investigating the incidents that led to the death of Kevin.

Saynu and his father denied the charges while seeking anticipatory bail.

Dubai-based advocate Hashik T.K. said it does not seem easy for the duo to get bail in the chilling murder case.

“It is a case of abduction and planned murder. The bail is possible only from the district court. It is not easy to get a bail in a short span of time as it is a major criminal case.”

Even if the accused manages to get bail, he said, it will be a conditional bail.

“He will have to surrender his passport. He won’t be able to come back here anytime soon.”

If the charges are proved, he said, the accused can get life imprisonment.

“The prosecution reportedly has very relevant evidence against the accused. If they succeed in establishing it as a rarest of the rare cases [of honour killing], the punishment can even be death penalty.”

Meanwhile, social media users have bombarded the Facebook page of Saynu with accusations and curses. Some have also alleged that he and his cousin are notorious criminals in their locality.

Saynu’s boss in Dubai said the former had not shown any criminal tendencies or violent behaviour during his nearly five years’ tenure with the firm.

“He was punctual and did all the jobs assigned to him properly,” he said.

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