Maliha welcomes winter with desert retreats

Archaeological centre in Sharjah offers guests a variety of desert experiences including overnight camping

Sharjah: The Maliha Archaeological Centre in Sharjah will be offering a variety of desert retreats during the upcoming cooler months of the year.

As part of the new Diamond Lounge experience, guests will travel in off-road vehicles, enjoying a gentle desert drive to the venue in time to witness the sun setting behind the horizon, followed by delicious snacks and bites or traditional Arabian beverages to celebrate the surroundings’ beauty.

In a personalised package, visitors can treat themselves to silver service dining in a canopied majlis setting, with a five-course dinner and live grill before exploring the wonders of the universe through high-powered telescopes in the company of an expert astronomer.

However, for those looking to enjoy a relaxing escape for the entire family and friends, the Sunset Lounge next to the Fossil Rock also begins with a breathtaking sunset view, followed by a trek around the rock and a barbecue dinner under the stars with a stargazing experience.

“Maliha is one of the truly peaceful environments where residents of the UAE and visitors from around the world can experience the ultimate entertainment of the season. The variety of activities caters to everyone, and the stillness of the desert and the serenity of the skies is a natural therapy to bring inner peace and tranquillity,” said Mahmoud Rashid Al Suwaidi, Maliha Archaeological and Eco-Tourism manager.

Although the four-hour package includes a short off-road dune drive, more adventurous desert explorers can enhance their experience with a thrilling buggy night adventure.

The retreat also includes an overnight camp, which includes camping under the stars. It is the perfect getaway for those seeking an authentic desert experience, with a trip deep into the dunes, and a chance to explore in detail the night sky. The sunrise is accompanied with a delicious breakfast included in the package.

Meanwhile, for those captivated by the secrets of the universe, the Stargazing Experience offers guests a night studying distant galaxies, satellites and planets including Mars, Jupiter and the moon depending on their visibility in the night sky.

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