Man cleared of visitor’s kidnap and sexual abuse

Dubai: A jobless man was cleared on Tuesday of posing as a policeman, kidnapping a visitor and sexually abusing her.

The Filipina visitor had been staying at her aunt’s house when she went out to dispose of the garbage in Al Rashidiya in June 2017.

The woman alleged that the 31-year-old Omani man stopped her while she was walking back to her aunt’s residence, claimed to be a policeman and asked her to get inside his vehicle.

The Filipina said she felt scared when he yelled at her and ordered her to sit in the front passenger seat even as she tried to tell him to wait until she informed her aunt. The Filipina then opened the car door and sat in the passenger’s seat before the Omani drove off.

He pulled his car over in a sandy and unpopulated area, according to the Filipina’s claims, before he groped her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Citing lack of corroborated and sufficient evidence, the Dubai Court of First Instance acquitted the Omani man of kidnapping and sexually abusing the Filipina.

The man’s lawyer, Saeed Al Ghailani argued before the court: “The law enforcement procedures were carried out improperly against my client. The Filipina claimant lied about the kidnap and sex abuse. She even was not sure of how the person who had abused her looked like. Once she was shown the photo of a person at the police station, she suspected that it was him … but it wasn’t. She also failed to give the description of the car in which she claimed to have been abused.”

The search and arrest warrant the police obtained from prosecutors had expired long before law enforcement officers stopped the suspect and searched him, argued the lawyer.

“The woman’s statement was inconsistent … she alleged that my client had touched her private parts and made her become a woman. Upon being examined by the forensic examiners, it was reported that she is still a virgin. Her statement is full of lies. She claimed that the suspect beat her and that she resisted him … but the forensic examination report did not show any traces of DNA or nail-scratches that matched with those of my client,” contended lawyer Al Ghailani.

The Filipina alleged to prosecutors that the suspect dropped her back at her aunt’s place.

Police showed the woman the photos of a number of suspects, who have criminal records and involved in sex crimes, before she identified the 31-year-old man.

When he showed up in court, the Omani man refuted all allegations and told presiding judge Mohammad Jamal: “No, that did not happen.”

Lawyer Al Ghailani argued that the woman said her abuser’s car looked silver but his client drives a white car.

A policeman testified that the suspect had dismissed the Filipina’s allegations.


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