Man jailed for molesting boy, 13, in his car

Dubai: A safety expert has been jailed for two years for coercing and molesting a 13-year-old boy to satisfy him sexually in his car after he threatened to emasculate him.

The 29-year-old Emirati expert talked the 13-year-old Syrian boy into going with him to meet an old friend at a shopping mall in June 2017.

After the boy agreed, the man picked up the boy in his car and headed to a deserted area in Al Warqa’a.

The defendant parked the car in a poorly lit spot and jumped to the back seat along with the 13-year-old boy after he locked the doors.

After threatening to harm the boy and emasculate him, the Syrian surrendered to the man’s threats and engaged with him in a form of sexual activity.

Then he coerced the teenager to expose himself and perform an indecent act.

The 29-year-old defendant then dropped the boy in front of a football club in Al Ghusais and gave him Dh120 to take a taxi back home.

Once he reached home, the 13-year-old told his mother about his ordeal and she reported the matter to the police.

In November, Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of molesting and sexually abusing the teenager and sentenced in him in absentia to two years in jail.

However, the accused asked for a retrial after he was apprehended.

During the retrial, the defendant pleaded not guilty and dismissed the boy’s allegations.

On Monday, presiding judge Habib Awad sentenced the accused to two years in jail.

The teenager said the incident happened after he had agreed to meet the accused and then meet up with an old friend.

“When I saw him, he told me that the friend was not showing up and he convinced me to ride with him in his car. He drove to a dark and unpopulated place where he parked. When he asked me to remove my pants I refused. Then he told me that he would harm me in my private parts … then he undressed me and abused me sexually. He coerced me to expose myself and do something indecent. Afterwards, he dropped me at Al Ghusais and gave me Dh120 to go back home. Before I left his car, he threatened to have all his friends abuse me if I told anyone about what he had done to me. When I was returning home, I felt humiliated for not being able to defend myself. I told my mother what had happened,” the boy said.

Monday’s ruling remains subject to appeal.

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