Man molested 2 minor sisters at residential tower

Suspect admits molesting sisters who asked him to help them buy juice from vending machine

Dubai: An employee has been accused of molesting two minor sisters, who had asked him for help to buy a juice from a vending machine, heard a court on Monday.

The two Egyptian sisters, under the age of 14, were said to have gone down to the entrance of their residential tower to buy juice from the vending machine at 1.30am in August.

The two girls had four 25 fils coins but the vending machine only takes Dh1 coins, according to records, so they had to stop the 20-year-old Pakistani employee, who happened to be at the entrance.

Once the employee got a Dh1 coin, it is believed that he purchased the juice and while giving it to the sisters he reportedly molested them.

The elder sister yelled at the employee and called the building’s security guard before she took her sister and went up home.

The Egyptian girls told their parents about what the Pakistani had allegedly done to them and the father reported the matter to the police who arrested the employee.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with molesting the minor sisters.

The suspect pleaded guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

He asked presiding judge Habib Awad for a lenient punishment.

The elder sister testified to prosecutors that she went down to buy a can of juice for her younger sister from the vending machine.

“We could not buy the juice because the machine only take Dh1 coins, meanwhile we had four 25 fils coins. When I saw the suspect, I asked him if he had a Dh1. After he purchased the juice, he teased me first and did not give me the can quickly … then he gave me the can and touched me on top. Then he molested my sister as well. I shouted at him and told the security guard. When we went up home, I told my mother what happened,” she told prosecutors.

The mother told prosecutors that she woke up her husband and told him what had happened before they reported the matter to the police.

Records said the sisters identified the suspect at the police line-up three times.

A ruling will be heard on October 29.


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