Man steals 1.27m riyals in Oman using counterfeit credit cards

Arab expatriate is in police custody awaiting trial after authorities arrested him

Muscat: An Arab national has been arrested for stealing 1.27 million riyals (Dh12.11 million) using counterfeit credit cards, Royal Oman Police (ROP) has announced.

According to officials, the suspect forged bank cards in other people’s names, transferred the money to his account and then withdrew it in cash at different ATMs.

“The Directorate General of Investigation and Criminal Investigation of the ROP arrested an Arab national on charges of using counterfeit credit cards and violating money laundering and information technology laws,” the ROP said.

He is currently being held in police custody awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, an African national has been arrested over money-laundering charges in Oman.

Authorities say the man was nabbed at the Muscat International Airport while attempting to leave the country with 35,000 riyals.

Anyone convicted of money laundering can be jailed for up to 10 years and fined 50,000 riyals, according to Omani law.

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