Man video-films and offends his wife’s friend

Suspect pleads not guilty, tells court he addressed his wife in the video-film that he deleted

Dubai: A man has been accused of molesting his wife’s female friend and breaching her privacy when he video-filmed her while leaving a salon and recording offensive comments, a court heard on Sunday.

The Yemeni wife and her Moroccan friend were said to have been leaving a beauty salon when the 49-year-old Emirati suspect walked behind them in October.

While the women were heading to their car, the suspect grabbed his wife’s Moroccan friend, according to records, from her shoulder and stopped them.

When the two women turned back, they saw the suspect video-filming the Moroccan woman on his mobile phone and passing offensive comments, said records.

Once the Moroccan woman told the suspect that she would be calling the police, he instantly stopped filming and told her that he had deleted the video.

The Moroccan woman complained to the police about the incident and claimed that she felt offended by the suspect’s remarks when he said ‘look what type of people are accompanying her [his wife]’.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with molesting the friend when he put his hand on her shoulder and breaching her privacy when he video-filmed her with his mobile phone without her consent. He was also accused of offending the Moroccan when he recorded his audio comments on video.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and firmly refuted the accusations before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

“God forbids … I would never do such a thing,” he argued before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

“Did you say the phrase ‘look what type of people are accompanying her’?” presiding judge Jamal asked the suspect.

“No I did not. Actually, I was speaking to my wife and not to the complainant, who is my wife’s friend. The latter wants to drop her complaint,” responded the suspect.

The Moroccan woman told prosecutors that the suspect grabbed her from the shoulder once they left the salon.

“He had carried his phone that was on video mode and he was filming. He commented while filming and said ‘what type of person is that!’ … he also commented ‘look what type of people are accompanying her’. The suspect is my friend’s [Yemeni woman] husband and they have filed a divorce case in Dubai Courts. I felt embarrassed and belittled over his remarks. Then she reported the matter to the police although he had deleted the video,” she told prosecutors.

The suspect’s Yemeni wife, who was present in courtroom on Sunday, told the presiding judge that the complainant is willing to drop her case.

Presiding judge Jamal adjourned the case until the Moroccan woman shows up in court to waive her complaint on January 14.

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