Masdar completes clean energy projects in Egypt

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar has completed four clean energy projects as well as thousands of solar home systems in remote areas across Egypt.

More than 25,000 homes will be powered by 30 megawatts of utility-scale projects, including a 14 megawatts project that houses four solar photovoltaic (PV) diesel hybrid plants in the Red Sea areas of Marsa Alam, Shalateen, Abu Ramad and Halayeb. Masdar said the project was specifically designed to help supply reliable electricity to support the country’s tourism sector.

The clean energy company yesterday also announced it had added another three solar PV hybrids, totalling 6MW, in Al Farafra, Abu Minqar and Darb Al Arbaeen – all part of Egypt’s least populated governorate of Al Wadi Al Jadeed.

Masdar has also installed 7,000 solar systems in homes, mosques, clinics and schools in remote areas across Egypt that do not have access to the national utility grid. The off-grid applications have two solar panels and two batteries that can provide storage capacity for two days.

“Each project was customised to the needs of the local community,” said Khaled Ballaith, the director of the Masdar special projects unit. “Our priority was ensuring the right solution was deployed for the unique needs of the 70 villages and over 140 communities in seven governorates touched by these projects.”

All of these new projects are in addition to the 10MW solar PV plant that Masdar inaugurated in Siwa in March last year, making up about 30 per cent of the city’s grid capacity.

Egypt has been facing a major power deficit, which initially began peaking two years ago. The country has been pursuing more renewable energy ventures, looking to have sources such as wind, hydropower and solar energy account for 20 per cent of its power generation.

“Energy is truly the backbone of development, and I am proud that Masdar can support Egypt’s strategic development aims as well as the critical global goal of delivering sustainable energy for all,” said Mohamed Al Ramahi, the chief executive of Masdar.

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