Mexican state allows candidates to use nicknames on ballot

it’s the new normal in a state where the governor refers to himself by the nickname ‘El Bronco’

MEXICO CITY: A state in northern Mexico is allowing 194 candidates to put nicknames next to their formal names on ballots for the July 1 elections.

The nicknames include “El Bigoton” (Big Mustache), “La Comadre” (the Godmother) and “Paty Tamales.”

The electoral commission of Nuevo Leon state ruled Tuesday that state law allows the candidates for state assembly and local posts to use nicknames that are not vulgar or intended to insult or confuse people.

It may sound a bit informal, but it’s the new normal in a state where the governor refers to himself by the nickname “El Bronco.”

The use of nicknames has become so common that some struggle to remember the governor’s real name, Jaime Rodriguez Calderon. He is now on leave and is an independent candidate for president.

The commission first allowed candidates to use nicknames in 2015, and about 100 applied to do so then. The practice has since gathered steam.

But the commission did not allow a handful of proposed nicknames, including “Mi Gallo” (My Rooster), a phrase commonly used in Mexican elections to describe a favourite candidate.

Nicknames like “Dragon” and “Onion” were allowed this year, but the commission ruled out “Unite People.”
— AP


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