Ministries of Community Development and Justice sign services integration MoU

DUBAI, 18th October, 2018 (WAM) — The Ministry of Community Development, MoCD, has signed services integration Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with the Ministry of Justice, to highlight humanitarian, charitable, volunteering and community activities as part of the federal government strategy 2021.

The collaboration comes as part of the desire of the two ministries to strengthen their mutual cooperation and joint coordination to achieve the goals of serving the UAE and Emirati nationals, in addition to exchanging knowledge, skills and achieve integration in strategic partnerships.

The MoU, signed by Sana Mohammed Suhail, Under-Secretary at the MoCD, and Sultan Al Matroushi, Acting Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, at the GITEX Technology Week, seeks coordination between the parties to implement joint projects in order to ensure proper implementation and speedy delivery, make use of the electronic services, enquire the marital status of the applicant, ensure the accuracy and safety of data transmission as well as the confidentiality of exchanged information, exchange all issues related to the beneficiaries of the social security assistance and all its amendments to achieve data accuracy to be provided in a timely manner and serve public interests as well as the interests of the two ministries.

The fields of cooperation also include provision of necessary infrastructure for the connectivity of electronic devices such as equipment, hardware and software, data archiving and processing of files that are needed for the connectivity process, using information security systems, programmes and standards, as well approved quality and protection systems by TRA.

Commenting on the MoU, Sanaa Suhail said the government services integration is a pivotal element that must be highlighted during the coming period with active channels in order to achieve the maximum required benefits. She noted that exchanging information and data between the different government authorities will achieve higher credibility and better performance between all beneficiaries especially in those matters related to community life in general.

Al Matrooshi emphasised the importance of joint coordination, exchange of knowledge and experience between the ministry and the other ministries as well as other government authorities and private sector to achieve justice. He said that it will ensure that the services of both ministries are accomplished according to international standards and practices with proficiency and in a short time.

He added that the MoU comes as part of the desire of the two parties to achieve joint cooperation and benefit from the information and capabilities that are available to them.

A joint committee between the two ministries will implement the articles of this memorandum, facilitate joint cooperation between them, carry out all common services, coordinate and streamline procedures and establish transparency.

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