Modi’s ‘humble request’ to MPs: Pass triple talaq Bill

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday made a “humble request” to all MPs to rise above party politics and help the government pass the triple talaq Bill and also to ensure healthy debates during the Budget Session so that maximum economic benefits can reach Dalits and poor farmers from the Budget.

Speaking to reporters outside Parliament, Modi said the government had made efforts during the Winter Session of Parliament to fulfil the nation’s “high hopes” that there won’t be any politics on crucial issues such as triple talaq Bill that criminalises verbal instant divorce practised by Muslim husbands. The legislation was stalled in the Rajya Sabha after the Lok Sabha cleared it.

He said despite the orders of the Supreme Court, the Bill on triple talaq could not be passed by Parliament and Muslim women were denied their rights.

“I hope and I make a humble request to all political parties across the country to join hands in passing the triple talaq Bill to protect the rights of Muslim women. It will indeed be the best gift of 2018, in the new year for the Muslim women.”

He said the Budget Session, which began on Monday, was very important also because the entire global community was very optimistic about the Indian economy, citing “positive opinion about the growth of India and the road ahead” by global credit rating agencies, World Bank and IMF.

Modi said the Budget would provide new energy to the fast growing economy of India and fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the common man.

He said the Budget is a bipartisan practice where “the national interest is above the political interests”.

“Cutting across party lines, even MPs from the ruling party highlights its short comings while members of opposition highlight its salient feature. In a way it provides for a healthy environment and atmosphere for debate and discussion.”

He urged all political parties to take maximum help of the debate in standing committee meetings and ensure how the common man is benefited most from the Budget.

“Our objective should be to reach out to the Dalits, oppressed, underprivileged and to those who did not have any access to these benefits.

“We also need to see how the villagers, poor, farmers and labourers are benefited maximum from the Budget. Let’s have a detailed discussion, come out with positive suggestions and make a road map to march ahead.”

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