Mother arrested for killing 7-month-old in Delhi

Dubai: A Delhi woman has been arrested for killing her 7-month-old daughter. Social media users are shocked.

On August 27, the Delhi Police cracked the mysterious death of a 7-month-old baby, whose death was earlier reported as accidental drowning in a bucket.

On Sunday, Twitter users shared news reports about the incident that took place on August 20, in a neighbourhood in the capital city of India.

Tweep @ShafiqueHasan posted: “Disturbing story: In Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi, a mother kills her 7-month-old daughter for ‘bringing bad luck to the family’, blaming her birth for the family’s medical and financial problems.”

News reports state that the 27-year-old mother claimed that the infant was responsible for their family’s “medical and financial problems.”

According to a report on Indian daily, Deccan Chronicle: “On August 20, Hazrat Nizamuddin police station received information of a girl child been brought dead at the Moolchand Hospital. On reaching hospital, the police found that the infant was brought to the hospital by her parents – Israr Khan (father) and Adiba (mother). Later on inquiry, the parents stated that the girl had drowned in a bucket.”

However, during observation of the dead body, the police noticed marks on the baby’s neck. This raised some suspicion and the body was shifted to All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Mortuary for portmortem.

On August 27, the post-mortem report found: “The cause of death is fatal pressure over the neck.”

Also, as per the report there was no water in the internal organs of the deceased.

The police returned to investigate the crime scene and seized a water bucket having yellowish water and other exhibits from the bathroom.

According to news agency Asian News International: “The mother was questioned as she was the only person present at home when the incident took place. On sustained interrogation, she broke down and confessed about the murder of her daughter. She said that since her daughter’s birth, their entire family was facing medical and financial problems. She considered her death the only solution for elimination of their financial crunch and other problems. Therefore, she planned to kill her.

“The police said Adiba strangulated the baby with her dupatta (scarf), when no one was at home and later put her in a bucket of water to show she died due to drowning. Later she put the baby on the bed and went to her husband’s tailoring shop nearby and informed him. The police have recovered the dupatta used for killing the baby.”

Indian journalist @RifatJawaid posted on Twitter: “Where has the world come to? A mother kills her own 7-month-old baby as she sleeps peacefully, then places her dead body in a bucket full of water to make it look like a case of accidental drowning.”

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