Mother on trial on charges of attempted murder of children

Dubai: A mother will be admitted to a hospital for a sanity assessment to decide whether she is liable for trying to kill her two children and then herself.

The 24-year-old Bangladeshi mother was reported to have made a premeditated attempt to suffocate her children, aged two and four, to death and then kill herself at the family’s house in April 2017.

Her husband, a 39-year-old Bangladeshi, was believed to have found his two baby boys motionless on their bed when he returned from office. He also found his 24-year-old wife unresponsive on the floor with a slit in her wrist.

When she appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance, the mother said she did not know why she tried to kill her children and then herself when she entered a not guilty plea.

On Thursday, presiding judge Urfan Omar said the suspected mother will be admitted to Rashid Hospital where a committee of psychiatrists will examine her mental state and decide whether she was aware of her actions at the time when she tried to kill her children and then herself.

Horrified by the scene of his motionless children and wife, the father called his brother for help and then the three victims were rushed to hospital.

Swift medical intervention helped save the lives of the mother and her two boys.

When the father and his brother asked the suspect about what had happened, the woman told them that she had suffocated her children with a pillow before she slit her wrist.

In a previous hearing, the mother told the court: “I do not know what I did or what had happened and why I did it. I also do not know why I tried to kill myself.”

Asked by presiding judge Omar if she suffers from any mental illness and whether she had been treated, the woman responded that she doesn’t know.

“I haven’t been treated and I do not know my situation. My elder son is better and staying at home, while her two-year-old child remains in hospital. We are still married and my husband is at home,” she said.

Her husband testified that he used his spare key to open the house door and enter after nobody answered his knocks.

“Then I saw that shocking scene … my boys were pale and motionless on the bed. My wife had blood coming out from her wrist and she was on the floor. I phoned my brother quickly. He took my sons to hospital while my sister and I took my wife to the hospital,” he told interrogators.

The uncle confirmed his brother’s statement and alleged that the four-year-old was moving very slowly while his younger brother was completely motionless. A police lieutenant testified that the woman claimed that she tried to suffocate her children with a pillow and when she saw them motionless, she cut her wrist in a bid to kill herself.

The committee of psychiatrists is expected to submit the results of the suspect’s sanity test on August 6.

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