Motorist fined for running over drunk sister-in-law

Woman was relieving herself when car moved forward and sandwiched her between car’s front and wall

Dubai: A motorist was fined Dh10,000 for running over his drunk sister-in-law and causing her death when she stepped out of his car to relieve herself in a parking lot.

The Asian motorist was also ordered to pay Dh200,000 in blood money to the family of his sister-in-law, who died after her body was sandwiched between the car’s front and a wall.

The Asian man had taken friends and his sister-in-law, who was holidaying in Dubai earlier this year, out to enjoy their evening when the accident happened.

The Traffic Misdemeanours Court also ordered the confiscation of the defendant’s driving licence for five months.

Sources close to the case told Gulf News that the defendant’s sister-in-law was too drunk and had repeatedly requested the motorist to pull over so she could relieve herself.

The motorist drove into a parking lot. The woman stepped out of the vehicle, went in front of the car and squatted, which was not noticed by the motorist.

The source said that the motorist unintentionally pressed on the gas pedal and the car moved forward, squeezing the woman between the car’s front and the wall. The defendant was taken into custody. The ruling remains subject to appeal.

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