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Multitude Of Financial Services, Right There In The Heart Of Dubai

When a potential business aspirant wants to run his or her own firm, there are several evaluations that are required to done. How much capital is available to run the show? What portion of it needs to be allocated towards purchase of fixed assets like land, machinery, furniture, vehicles, etc.? And working capital can be allocated towards buying raw materials and running the day to day affairs of the business. Potential risks are involved in running a company. The risk factor needs to be assessed thoroughly. Thus, one has to approach a financial concern to get some guide of guidance on how to go about the moves. Fin Advise Consultants is a concern, right there, in the heart of Dubai, to give you a plethora of services and help you run business, in a healthy direction. A look into a couple of them

Feasibility Study

The promoters or the decision makers of a company conduct a feasibility study to gauge the essential costs and benefits of a potential project, at hand. When a feasibility test is thoroughly conducted, one is able to clearly access the upside potential and downside risks associated with a specific project. Hence a clear idea can be arrived at, as to whether the projects in the pipeline will take off successfully or not. Sensitivity studies involving various possible future scenarios are considered and included in a feasibility report.

Risk Management

Risk is a part and parcel of any business unit. A clever businessman assesses the potential risks associated with the business, before venturing into starting a firm of his/her own. In case the business is not capable of analyzing and identifying potential threats associated with running an entity, the chances of failure intensify. The team at Fin Advise have expertise and can assist the aspiring business magnets identify and manage various risks associated with the business. The different kinds of risks include credit risk, operational risk, IT risk, financial risk, market risk and a lot many.

Business Valuation

In the modern era, business valuation is not a new term, at all. One needs to understand the current value, status and future potential of a business for one or multiple considerations, like for the existing stakeholders or shareholders, while facilitating a merger or an acquisition, or while forging new associations. A thorough business valuation procedure estimates the exact net worth of a business entity. This is based on scientific calculations and principles, that figures are arrived at. One can prepare precise charts on the overall performance of the company during preceding years, using the business valuation methods.

Business plan

In order to create a successful organization, a proper business planning is in fact the need of the hour. For any business which wants to enter a new market or develop new products, one has to make a note of probable risks along with projected profitability and cash outflows. A business plan is highly beneficial to gauge the performance of the company as it becomes live and progresses.In order to prepare a sound business plan; one has to have a proper understanding of short term as well as long term objectives of the organization. These include preparing KRI’s for all employees, doing a SWOT analysis, imposing the necessary risk triggers, checks and balances, and finally drawing up comprehensive financial plans.

Other financial advisory services include Strategic planning and doing a proper verification of important documents, to make sure the business aspirant doesn’t get involved in legal suits or complications.

FinAdvise Consultants
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Jumeirah Lakes Towers,
Dubai – UAE.
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