Naidu threatens to withhold taxes to centre over funds for capital

Naidu says conspiracies being hatched to create obstacles in the construction of Amaravati city

Hyderabad: The 34th Mahanadu (plenary) of Telugu Desam Party will go down in history for its strident attacks on the central government led by Narendra Modi.

Continuing his tirade against the BJP government at the centre on the third and last day of the party conclave TDP President and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu alleged conspiracies were being hatched to create obstacles in the way of construction of the capital city Amaravati and the Polavaram project.

Naidu asked why the state should pay taxes to the centre when it was not giving funds to the state.

Moving a resolution on the construction of new state capital Amarvati yesterday Naidu said the claim of BJP President Amit Shah that centre had given Rs25 billion for the capital city was false. “He should speak only after knowing the facts”, Naidu said. “Centre has given only Rs15 billion where as Rs450 billion is required for the first phase of works on the capital city”, he said.

Pointing out that the BJP government at the centre was spending Rs950 billion to build a new city in Gujarat, Naidu said that the same government had not given funds even equivalent to what it was spending on a statue of Sardar Patel in Gujarat. “Is this the cooperative federalism they are talking about”, he wondered.

Presently works was on projects worth Rs220 billion in the state capital region and the government with the cooperation of the people was trying to complete the construction in lesser time with innovative methods. “Even the children have donated their kiddie bank savings for the capital”, Naidu said. “Even the NRIs were generously contributing to the capital city construction from abroad. We have so far received Rs750 million from these contributions”.

Naidu said that of the 33,000 acres land acquired from the farmers, 5,000 acres of land will be sold after development to raise funds for the capital city construction.

Alleging that some BJP and YSRCP leaders were conspiring against the capital city, Naidu urged the people to foil these conspiracies.

Earlier Naidu also targeted the BJP President Amit Shah and questioned his authority to demand the utilisation certificate of the spending of the central funds. “Who is he to interfere with the administrative affairs of the Centre and Andhra Pradesh,” Naidu asked. “He is unnecessarily involving himself in administrative affairs as a party president,” he said.

Naidu also lashed out at Shah for threatening the people in the name of technology. “The BJP President is thinking that with the mobile data of 750 million people in the country he can do anything,” he said.

Naidu also showed the copies of Utilisation Certificates of Central Funds at the party conference. “When we submitted the UCs they are calling it fake,” he said.

Alleging that the centre was also trying to scuttle the works on Polavaram project, Naidu promised that all the works will be completed by March or April next year.

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