New Fairuz song released on Jerusalem

Dubai: Iconic Lebanese singer Fairuz is back with a new song for occupied Jerusalem amid the tense atmosphere between Palestinians and Israelis after the US opened its embassy in city.

On May 14, Israeli occupation troops massacred 62 Palestinians protesters in Gaza as the US opened its embassy to Israel in occupied Jerusalem.

Fairuz’s famous song “Zahrat Madaen” about occupied Jerusalem is an anthem for all Arabs. She first sang that more than 50 years ago and it has survived many generations. You still hear the anthem in every house across the Arab world.

Rima Rahbani, Fairuz’s daughter, on Sunday posted the song “Till when God” on Fairuz’s YouTube channel. It has already attracted more than 60,000 views.

The song is in the form of a hymn, in which Fairuz starts by saying “Till when God you will keep forgetting me, till when will you keep looking the other way … till when will my enemy prevail upon me? Who is oppressing me, killing me, celebrating, while I am depending on your mercy.”

In the video Fairuz appears wearing black with an image of Jesus in the background followed by pictures of Palestinians protesting and being shot at, mothers crying over their children’s bodies.

Fairuz is one of the most admired and respected living singers in the Arab world. She, however, has not sung in a long time. Fans expressed their excitement on Twitter after the video was posted on Facebook by her daughter Rahbani.

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