New operations launched to liberate Hodeida

Al Houthi militia inspect a burnt armoured vehicle on September 13 near the eastern entrance of Hodeida.

Dubai: The commander of the Arab Coalition in western Yemen, Brigadier Ali Al Tunaiji, has announced the start of military operations in areas controlled by the Houthi militias to liberate Hodeida from several sides.

The operations were launched following the reinforcement of the troops in Kilo 16, the cutting off of Houthi supply lines between Sanaa and Hodeida and the confining of the Houthis to the city.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition forces are continuing their military operations in the west coast of Yemen with the participation of the Yemeni joint resistance forces through rapid strategic military plans that are not anticipated by the militias, Al Tunaiji told UAE news agency WAM.

As the Coalition forces controlled strategic areas in Hodeida and the cutting of the Houthi supply lines, the militia posts are collapsing and the Houthis are fleeing from the battle fronts, leaving behind their equipment and weapons as well as their dead, he added.

The military operations by the Coalition forces and the joint Yemeni resistance forces in Hodeida have led to a full control of Kilo 7 and Kilo 10 and in the reinforcement of the forces in Kilo 16. Dozens of Houthis have either been killed, held or have surrendered. This paves the way for the forces to bring new areas under their control, Al Tunaiji said.

Throughout the military operations, the forces, thanks to their advanced combat readiness and integrated advanced weapons, have exercised the greatest care to protect civilian lives and to preserve the infrastructure, he added.

“The liberalisation process is accompanied by the distribution of more relief aid and the implementation of development projects and services to improve the current humanitarian situation in the liberated areas of Hodeida province and help Yemenis to overcome the difficult conditions caused by the Houthi militias’ violations and abuses, he said. 

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