Nissan confident as GCC market rises

Nissan has set itself bullish targets for the year.

The Japanese car maker expects volumes to grow by 12 per cent in the GCC and market share growth of 15 per cent.

The car maker did not state how sales fared last year, nor how sales broke down country by country.

Nissan said its volume has grown by 50 per cent and its market share has risen by 25 per cent across the GCC in the past five years.

“We haven’t just experienced an increase in sales over these past five years,” said Samir Cherfan, the managing director of Nissan Middle East. “Nissan has grown in terms of volume, market share, customer satisfaction and brand power. We have put in place a game changing plan in our key market, Saudi Arabia, which has been instrumental in achieving our growth strategy.”

Nissan may have been a victim of its own success last year.

According to the car maker, the Nissan Patrol took 28 per cent of the top-end SUV segment in the Middle East during 2014.

“2015 was a transitional year during which we had to manage the impact of our exponential growth,” said Mr Cherfan. “We took a decision to slow down our volumes and focus on delivering value through service excellence to retain the trust of our customers.”

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