No ‘NRO’ with opposition, PM Khan makes it clear

Prime Minister says economy gets a huge boost with Saudi bailout package; more good news in the offing

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan in a televised address to the nation on Wednesday made it clear that there would be no National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) as was offered in the past by General Musharraf to the opposition parties Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

There will be no Musharraf-like compromise, or NRO, as Musharraf was politically weak and had vested interests, said Khan in the 20-minute address.

Khan, who returned from Saudi Arabia after attending an international investment conference, shared the “good news” with the Pakistani people, saying the impending economic crisis is averted because of the Saudi Arabian bailout package.

The premier thanked the Saudi Arabian government for generously agreeing to provide billions of dollars loan on easy terms.

“Now, with the instant relief from the Saudis, it will be easy for us to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund on a strong footing,” he said.

He also broke the news of Saudi Arabia’s agreeing to Pakistan’s role as mediator between the kingdom and Yemen.

The Prime Minister assured the masses that the government was fully aware of their problems and promised the difficult times would be over soon. Hard decisions are being taken for long-term relief, he assured.

What we inherited from the previous government is an unending tale of poor governance, huge loans, kickbacks and corruptions. “We have taken the responsibility on ourselves to clear all that mess and for that purpose, we have to take hard steps,” said Khan.

‘Curing Pakistan of cancer’

Giving the example of cancer patients, Khan said when cancer is removed from the body, it causes pain, but once it is removed the body is cured and purged of the disease.

Khan promised further good news for the people, saying the government was in talks with a number of countries, something good would soon come out of that.

He also promised a complete package of prosperity and for the poor masses of Pakistan, saying “we are launching ‘safety net’ for the poor.”

The leader asked the public for one thing: patiently bear the initial difficult phase, as almost every department and public sector organisation is in poor shape due to the corrupt practices of the past leaders.

He reminded the opposition parties which are joining hands against the government that he had ordered the audit of the Rs30,000 billion loan their government got.

Once their corruption is exposed, the anti-corruption forces and anti-graft commissions will take action against them, he said.

He also condemned the opposition’s “non-parliamentary” behaviour the other day in the Punjab Assembly, when desks were broken and chairs hurled at the speaker.

“They know their corruption and incompetence are being exposed, so they are now uniting, but rest assured we shall not leave the corrupt,” said Prime Minister Khan.

On his foreign visits, he found expatriate Pakistanis all ready to invest in Pakistan, he said. “They are only scared of corrupt elements who seek bribes and kickbacks. All they need is an investment-friendly environment and we shall give them that,” Khan said.

Once we take the corrective measures, Pakistan will progress at an amazing pace and soon attain the status of a country that gives loans instead of seeking it, said Imran.

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