No UAE blacklisting for resigning – if you follow the rules

I want to check whether I’m on a blacklist. I left Dubai in November 2014 and my visa was cancelled, but I have now applied for a tourist visa as I want to come and look for work again but it has been refused. How can I find out why? UF India

If someone has left the UAE having given notice before leaving employment and their visa has been properly cancelled with the relevant stamps in their passport, it is unlikely they will have been blacklisted. That is usually only the case for absconders or those who have received a criminal record while in the UAE. To find out, a person will need to contact the government body dealing with immigration known as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and each emirate has its own division. UF should contact the department in the emirate in which he plans to visit, with the passport details that were current at the time of leaving plus a new one if different. The main numbers are +971 02 446 2244 for Abu Dhabi, +971 04 398 0000 for Dubai and +971 06 572 6777 for Sharjah.

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