Normalcy restored in liberated Yemeni areas: WAM Reports

Al MAKHA,10th January, 2018 (WAM) — Normalcy has been restored in the areas liberated by the Arab Coalition Forces Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen, bringing smiles back on the faces of the ill and children whose innocence the Houthi militias are trying to kill.

The Emirates News Agency (WAM) made a field visit to some of the liberated areas to check the main facilities that have been rehabilitated and reconstructed by the UAE to provide integrated services to the children of Yemen through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC).

The Government Hospital in Al Makha City in Taiz governorate, which had been turned to rubbles by the Houthi militias during their control over the city, has been rehabilitated by the ERC. It is now ready to receive patients from different parts of the city.

Officials at the hospital said that during the control of the Houthi militias, the facility did not have the capabilities to receive patients. They pointed out that the restoration process started with the liberation of the city at the hands of the Arab Coalition Forces.

They thanked the UAE and ERC for rebuilding the hospital.

Dr. Mansour Mohamed, Director of the Hospital, said that the efforts made by the ERC have led to the restoration of this important health establishment, which had been reduced to ruins by the rebels.

He said the hospital includes a number of important specialties, including family, motherhood and childhood medicine, and surgery, and it’s receiving a large number of patients daily, adding that the medical staff is using the medical equipment and medications provided by the ERC.

He pointed out that the situation is now significantly different after the liberation of the city from the Houthi militias as life is now back to normal. He expressed hope that the entire Republic of Yemen gets liberated and children can once again be happy in the country.

Dr. Jihad Hashem Al Refaei, a volunteer at the hospital, thanked the ERC for rebuilding Al Makha Hospital, which has helped save the lives of thousands of Yemeni children.

The hospital offers free treatment to those displaced from certain Yemeni areas. Every day it witnesses hundreds of patients while the present medical staff is tirelessly striving to accommodate the growing number of patients and provide them with all possible health care services , he added.

Several locals have affirmed that the UAE, through the ERC, has made great efforts to redevelop the hospital, which’s suffering from extreme neglect when it was controlled by the Houthi militia.

They stressed that the liberation of the city at the hands of the Arab Coalition Forces has contributed greatly to restoring normalcy to the city and its different establishments, most notably the Government Hospital.

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