OGSI Brings an Efficient Range of Industry Leading Flow Meters

OGSI (Oil & Gas Systems International) is one of the leading manufacturer of high quality machinery for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries. It was established in 1989. Since then, it has been providing technology to the east Middle Eastern and African countries. OGSI’s engineered systems’ products provide client customization which meet the international standards. Over the period of time, it has also got many approvals by ISO 9001, ISO/TS 29001, OHSAS 18001 and more because of continuous development in its designs, procurement, project management, assembly, testing and supply of packaged equipment.

Due to the decrease in the amount of fossil fuel, cost of raw material is increasing day by day because of which companies are looking for reducing their costs in operational activities. An operational activity is the only stream where cost reduction happens with the help of advanced technology. OGSI provides this exact alternative to them. It provides efficient range of industry leading technology products like custody transfer flow meter, Insertion Samplers, Turbine Flowmeter with Helical Blade, high accuracy flow meter, Multi-beam Ultrasonic Flowmeters and so on.

When one talks about measuring of oil, gas and petroleum, usage of flowmeter plays a big role I’m cases such as allocation metering, check metering, process measurement, flare and stack gas measurement, district heating and so on. Following are the flowmeters that OGSI has developed for industries:

Custody transfer flow meter: Custody transfer refers to transfer of fluids from one owner to another. Fluid can be gas, petroleum, water, steam and so on. Custody transfer flow meter is used for measuring the mass or volume of the fluid before it is transferred. It is one of the most important instruments because it provides the accuracy in transfer which leads to calculating its accurate net worth. It has gained a huge popularity for oil, gas and petroleum industries and is a common product used by them these days.

High accuracy flow meter: There are many types of meters available in the market but accuracy of those meters might not be that good. High accuracy flow meter provides exact and accurate amount of fluid transfer.

OGSI makes products based on this value only. The main products of the OGSI are Turbine Flowmeter with Helical Blade, Multi-beam Ultrasonic Flowmeters and others.

When OGSI’s specialization is concerned, the focus is on metering, processing, engineering services and after sale services. OGSI does not simply sell the product and be done with it, but it rather makes sure to provide time to time maintenance, training, Service & Support Contracts and Spares Management. It also helps in each and every part of implication project which includes detailed designing and engineering, project management, manufacturing, calibration, integration, testing, certification, start-up and commissioning supervision, shipping and packing, and training and support. These factors differentiate OGSI from its competitors.

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries need heavy machinery to refine, separate, filter, extract, transfer, bringing off-shore, boil, control and so on. OGSI provides the same type of advanced machinery which decreases the cost of operations and increases the profit margin. OGSI is growing on a very fast pace and is expanding their market share by providing advanced technology and best services to its client.

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