Oman issues first community service sentence

Muscat: The Primary Court in Salalah recently issued a first-of-its-kind community service sentence to a number of defendants. The court sentenced the convicts to sweep and clean roads in Salalah province, in southern Oman.

“The Court sentenced a number of defendants to … sweeping and cleaning the roads for four hours a day, for a month, in addition to their original sentence.”

Article 57 of the new Omani Penal Code provides supplementary penalties, including the commissioning of a social service.

Moreover, convicts can be jailed for one month if they don’t comply with the public service sentence.

Many welcomed the sentencing, describing it as a good move that employs the convict’s potential for social service. “I think this is better for convicts than sitting in prison; it will make them regret their mistakes and, at the same time, helps the community,” Ahmad Al Siyabi, an Omani social media personality, told Gulf News.

Al Siyabi added the defendants will realise the importance of blue collar workers who sweep and clean the streets. Mohammad Al Mamari, a social worker, said defendants, especially those involved in stunts and reckless driving, will think twice before repeating their activities. “I hope the authorities will continue with these types of punishment in the future for all law breakers,” he said.

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