One integrated automated solution for UAE health care sector

Integrated diagnosis will make disease screening and detection cost and time effective

Dubai: Introducing a new frontier in integrated and automated diagnostic solutions for the first time in the region, Roche Diagnostics Middle East inaugurated its latest diagnostic system Cobas Pro at the fifth edition of the Roche Days, an annual conference for medical and health care experts.

Their new system which is now being made available in the UAE is digitised and has over 233 assays for critical care screening that can deliver quick and accurate results saving time, cost and workload on technicians — a challenge most laboratories grapple with today.

“Today in health care, nearly 60 per cent of all decisions made by doctors and allied health care professionals relating to diagnosis of a disease depend on the diagnostic outcomes,” Harald Wolf, General Manager of the diagnostic arm of the company for this region, said adding, “We require appropriate diagnostic tools to take quick decisions with safety and speed”.

Wolf said their diagnostic systems had and assay to rapidly detect critical conditions such as Acute Myocardial Infarction (cardio vascular disease) as also systems for routine screening, and diagnosis and systems for bedside testing that could be carried out by doctors and nurses and integrated into the main laboratory.

“This will help in driving consolidation in health care and eventually provide targeted and personalised health care for patients and bode well for a preventive health care era in the UAE, eventually.”

Wolf also added that as more and more health care organisations in the private sector would come together to avail integrated diagnostic solutions the system would become cost efficient, time saving and uniform.

Dr Hussain Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for health care centres and clinics at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, who inaugurated the conference congratulated the organisation for their commitment to raise the bar of diagnostic care in the UAE and the region.

“The UAE has become of the region’s hubs and has a very competitive medical market. By providing a platform that facilitates access to the latest diagnostic tools, we are giving our community a change for better standards of health care for a better tomorrow.”

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