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Online Booking System

Trawex is expert in designing online booking system specifically for tour, activity, vacation, sightseeing, and adventure businesses. Trawex provides tourism businesses with the ability to take online bookings, process payments, and manage customers. If you are using a travel booking software that is not meeting your needs, Trawex can help you better manage your business and grow your revenues.

Our complete solutions allows Hotel or any property to get online bookings from their own property website as well as various Distribution Channels like Expedia,, etc. Through our online booking system integrated, all Hotels should be able to manage their inventory and rates from one single place to all other channels in very simplest way, just like A-B-C.

Trawex provides robust online reservation system to help you manage and streamline your daily tasks. Whether you operate a single property, a small tourism bureau or a busy travel center we have the solution to fit your needs. Trawex is the leader because, unlike our competition, we are focused on one segment i.e travel industry. In addition to our laser focus on tours and activities, we are also heavily involved in the tourism space in general.



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