Oriental dance training poster circulated in Saudi Arabia a hoax

This poster for a belly dance training was dismissed as a hoax.

Manama: Saudi Arabia security authorities have launched an investigation into a fake poster purporting to offer oriental dances training sessions for men and women.

The poster claimed that the training will be conducted in the Red Sea city of Jeddah by famous Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdou. The sessions will cost SR3,000 and the successful participants will be given certificates of merit.

A picture of the poster went viral on social media, triggering shock, suspicion and condemnation among users.

Officials from Makkah Province dismissed the poster as a hoax and insisted that the claims totally lacked credibility, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Wednesday.

Those behind the hoax and the rumours will face justice under the anti-cybercrime laws, the officials warned as the probe was launched.

Legal Consultant Fahad Mahmood told the daily that whoever commits a cybercrime would be subject to imprisonment for up to five years and a fine that could reach SR 3,000,000, or either punishment.

The crimes punishable by the anti-cybercrime law include the production, preparation, transmission, or storage of material impinging on public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy, through the information network or computers; the making or publicising of a website on the information network or computer to promote or facilitate human trafficking; the preparation, publication, and promotion of material for pornographic or gambling sites which violates public morals; and the making or publicising of a website on the information network or computer to trade in, distribute, demonstrate method of use or facilitate dealing in narcotic and psychotropic drugs.

The belly dance poster comes under the cybercrime law, the legal consultant added.

Several online users warned that the hoax poster could be generated by those who opposed the spectacular developments within the Saudi society.

“They are attempting to create tension and animosity to counter or slow down efforts to open up society and make it more vibrant and help Saudi men and women become more content and lead more fulfilling lives,” one user posted.

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